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Liquid Fueled Rocket Motor
The GDR-1

The GDR-1 as pictured is an actual operating test and validation article which has been used by this scientific research and design studio to explore new methodologies and principles of operation of a new design liquid fueled rocket motor.

The results are 100% positive and have validated the scientific concepts and principles of operation.

These results have now verified a clean-sheet design of rocket motor with many attributes which are far and above the standard liquid fueled rocket motor which has been in production since the 1940's and which every operator currently uses.

The need for this new design is simple: What is currently in use is not achieving the results desired. Period.

This motor has verified the following concepts:

Combustion Chamber Architecture      /     Bi-Axial Multi-Point Injectors      /     Variable Orifice Pressure Chamber

Rapid 3/D Printability           /           Immediate Resuability           /           Full Authoritative Throttle Control (1-100%)

Full Control of Thrust Vs. Efficiency                                                     /                                                               Turbo-Pump Negated

The GDR-1 corrects the negative design attributes of current 'other' designs.

The GDR-1 is directly relative to the emerging field of greatly expanded space exploration / mining activites by providing a suitable pure thrust motor for complete command / control harmony. is the ONLY player in this field with now proven technology with which to build from.

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